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Accounting Services

Accounting Services in Columbus, Ohio

Finding the right Certified Public Accountant is like finding the right auto mechanic. Most possess basic knowledge and experience to get the job done, but not all are created equal. It takes someone special to go beyond theories and formulas to solve the most challenging financial puzzles, whether they are business or personal. It takes someone special to continually strive to expand his skills and knowledge while maintaining lifelong relationships.

Howard Slutsky is one of those special few whose value and dedication is measured by the level of trust and loyalty his many clients have shown for more than a decade. We do it by going beyond providing basic tax and accounting services.

Experience the difference Howard can make for you and your business. Call us today at (614) 337-8770, or contact us online here.

Tax and Accounting Services


The relationship between a business and its CPA is one of the most important and fundamental in all of business. Visiting your CPA should not feel like you’re being sent to the principal’s office.

Customer Service

It’s important that a business owner be comfortable with his or her CPA. It’s also important that trust, professionalism, accuracy and thoroughness are key elements of this relationship. These are the tenets upon which Howard W. Slutsky, CPA, Inc. is built.


A well managed accounting and tax-management system is the heart of good business. Howard W. Slutsky, CPA, CVA understands that implementing the right system prevents future problems and pitfalls.

This means using the best, time proven tools, such as QuickBooks™ and Peach Tree™, to name a few. It also means being there to help clients choose the best accounting program for their needs, assisting with software installation and training and providing ongoing support services.